AW: [meteorite-list] Which one came closest?

From: Bernhard Rems <>
Date: Fri Oct 15 16:05:26 2004
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the one that came closest to me was whistling by my face when I was
stargazing with my telescope. But this one was never found. Not by me
nor by others.

Must have been 50cm by the sound of it :-).


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Betreff: Re: [meteorite-list] Which one came closest?

One hour drive to the north (95 km) lies H?kmark.
Two pieces of an L4 chondrite were found in 1954, 78.3g and 104.3g.
I haven't spoken with the guy that found it but rumour
has it that he is still living in the area.

And not to forget the Eliastorp yet to be found at 80km
northwest from here. I will never give up!!!!

There is a map over Swedish finds and falls at
Where it is quite obvious that there is a good correlation
between population and meteorite density.
They have to feel alone after so long time in space.

Muonionalusta have four numbers but it's the same meteorite,
only four individuals found during the last 100 years.
13 modern and two fossile meteorites so far.

/G?ran wrote:

>Hello everyone,
>Since the List is very quiet tonight......................
>I was chatting with an ex-List member earlier today about the newest
>meteorite, probably an eucrite. And I noticed that the meteorite that
>(was found) closest to where I am from is also an eucrite: Bouvante.
>Do you know which meteorite came closest to your backyard?
>Anne M. Black
>IMCA #2356,
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