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Date: Fri Oct 15 05:56:01 2004
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Anne Black:

.. closest to where I am from is also an eucrite: Bouvante.

Mike Farmer:

Yep, mine is Cat Mountain, barely 5 miles from my house.
Fall-wise, it is Holbrook arizona, over 4 hours away by car.

Jason Phillips:

My closest meteorite fall would be Bloomington, IL
about 1 hour from my house. Park Forest was 2 hours.

Norbert and Heike Kammel:

the closest find from my place is the Cranbourne Iron IIICD,
.. That's about 20 Min. down the road. The next, a Fall, 28th
Sept. 1969 (1058HRS), is the famous Murchison ...


Closest to my Belgian home: Tourinnes-la-Grosse, about 35 km.
Lesves is 50 km in the opposite direction.
Closest to my French residence: Ensisheim at 16 km

Christian Anger:

Minnichhof, Austria, is about 80 km away from my home (about 1 hour by car)

Mark Vail:

So the closest would probably Udall Park


Probably Allen, Texas (H4) seeing that I live in the town right next to Allen.
Another candidate could be McKinney, Texas (L4), which is about 10 miles away.

Dave Freeman:

the meteorite that has been found closest to my backyard is the Rock Springs


there are two meteorites close to Sacramento, Bruceville (L6) and Shingle
Springs (Ataxite). Both are named after the town they were found in or close by.
Both towns are about one hour to one and a half hour away from Sacramento.

Rob Matson:

San Juan Capistrano. Probably about 15 miles away.


The Fall Aarhus is aprox one hour drive from here. It fell in 1951.


The Darmstadt H5 chondrite - about 60 km (40 miles) from where I live.
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