[meteorite-list] Dhofar 979 ureilite

From: Michael Farmer <meteoritehunter_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Fri Oct 15 01:11:31 2004
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Gorgeous stuff isn't it! alot of you haven't bought pieces yet, this should
be flying out at that price I offered it at.
Mike Farmer
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> David, Mike and List,
> Here are a couple pictures of a part of a 1.5 gram part slice I got from
> Mike.
> http://www.johnkashuba.com/Ach_Dhofar%20979%20Ureilite.html
> John Kashuba
> Ontario, California
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> Subject: [meteorite-list] Dhofar 979 ureilite
>> Hi Mike and list,
>> I for one am struck by the texture of this new ureilite, and I can't
>> really figure out what I'm seeing. Under a scope with incident light my
>> 19mm x 14mm x 2mm, 2.03 gram part slice is composed of virtually 100%
>> clear to yellowish, translucent to glassy, sub-mm to mm-sized silicates,
>> which allow for an almost see-thru quality (how's that for a David
>> New-like description :) I don't observe any matrix or opaque veins that
>> are typical in most ureilites. This appearance is very weird for a
>> ureilite, at least to the inexperienced petrologist (me!). I am very
>> curious to read Ted's description for this one when it's available -
>> maybe some other list members have also purchased some of this ureilite
>> and can share their thoughts about it - Bernd? If not may I highly
>> recommend this one as a unique ureilite, and that I concur with what Ted
>> Bunch told Mike about its being "maybe unique". An understatement I
>> think. Mike please pass along any information as you receive it.
>> David
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