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Date: Tue Oct 12 16:07:59 2004
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Hello AL and List,

AL is currently offering a beautiful IIE iron - Watson, Australia, with
both a Monnig label and a David New label. As I still have D. New's
sales lists, I would like to share with you David's unmistakable and
unique description of this and other Watson slices:

"Choice dull gray polished partial slices with unusual mottled
intergrown Widmanstaetten pattern and minor 1 to 2 mm rounded
gray troilite inclusions" (Sales List for Summer 1994).

>From the same list, p. 10: Thin Sections

Pena Blanca = $ 25.00
Nortin County = $ 40.00

but Zagami, for example, was already a bit more expensive: $100.00

or a Kenna ureilite thin section then cost: $135

Best wishes,

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