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From: Michael L Blood <mlblood_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Sat Oct 9 22:12:02 2004
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on 10/9/04 6:14 PM, Adam Hupe at raremeteorites_at_comcast.net wrote:
> If you tell them that their stone is not a meteorite and not worth $35,000,
> or whatever amount they need to clear their debt, they think you are trying
> to hoodwink them out of it even though no offers were extended.
Hi Adam,
        Thanks for this post and the quote of the nearly threatening nit
        However, I must admit I was initially surprised at your dismay, as I
think of you and Greg as "big time" dealers and tend to forget you have
only "been around" for a few years.
        YES, these people are all weird AND many of them are hostile when
you tell them they don't have a meteorite - as though you care!
        Then there are the scary ones that are certain you are trying to
"talk them down" in price and just won't hear that you have no interest
at all and would not allow them to clutter your yard with the damned thing!
        I have gotten to the point I feel almost as much animosity toward
them as unsolicited salesmen calling or showing up at my door. However,
I feel I have to remain polite, as I represent the meteorite community as
a whole (to some degree) and cannot, therefore, tell them what I would
really like them to do with their POR (plain old rock). I, therefore, have
to take out my resentment exclusively on unsolicited salesmen. (It is
especially fun when they come to my door, as I have a huge sign saying,
"No Solicitors" - you'd be amazed at the lack of comprehension of the
word "solicitor").
        Sounds like you conducted yourself with appropriate decorum - and
are to be congratulated. I know it ain't easy sometimes!
        Best wishes, Michael
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