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Yes, I received a piece of BASALT
Matt Morgan

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Hi Dave
I would posted it some time ago but have been having a hard time posting
the list. Just needed to post as plain text. The photo sure doesn't look
fresh fall.
Looks like Matt Morgan was sent a piece....any comment Matt?


What appears to be a rare phenomenon has set the small community of
abuzz with excitement. Two of the town's rural residents have discovered
is presumed to be a meteorite in their own front yard, a find that if
confirmed valid by experts, is said to be a once in a lifetime
discovery. "We're so
excited," said Donna Akeson of the find. "We have heard that if it is a
meteorite that this happens once in every 100 years." Akeson discovered
what appears
to be a meteorite the afternoon of Thursday, July 22 while going about
out the house following a thunderstorm the night before. "I went to open
window to get some air circulating in the house when I saw it just
there about four-feet from the house in the front yard," she said.
Akeson and
husband, Bert, live eight and one-half miles north of Chappell. Akeson
said she knew right away that it was a meteorite because she had done
a little research prior to stumbling upon the find. "It's funny, I had
done some reading on meteor rocks so I knew immediately what it was,"
she said.
"It's kind of interesting to know that I read about it and then found
one." Akeson believes that the object fell from the sky during a
thunderstorm that
hit the Chappell area around 9 p.m. Wednesday, July 21. Though the only
who seems to have known that something unusual had occurred was the
dog, Flossee.
"I was sitting on the couch around 9 p.m. Wednesday night when I heard a

crack of thunder accompanied by a bright flash," Akeson said. "At first
I didn't
think much about it but then my dog jumped off my lap and took off on a
run for the kitchen....to hide in her basket. Apparently she (dog) knew
something serious had just happened and got scared." Due to Flossee's
reaction, this is when Akeson estimated the time the rock landed on her
property. The object fell at such a momentum that it hit a tree in the
Akeson's yard,
damaging the bark and leaving a trail of leaves three to four-foot wide
in its
wake. The rock is about the size of a cantaloupe and estimated to weigh
six pounds.
Five days after the find, the rock is now in the safe keeping of the
County Sheriff's Office. Sheriff Jeff Ortgies said the office has
submitted a
quarter-size piece of the rock for testing to the Colorado Meteorite
Team in Lakewood, Colo., and is awaiting official confirmation as to
whether or
not the community of Chappell can indeed stake claim to its first
"It brings real excitement to the community to see something like this,"

Akeson said. "It's really just a funny thing, and we're happy that we
had an
idea of what it is so other people can see it and enjoy it." The
Akeson's hope to share their discovery further with the community
displaying it at the Deuel County Fair in August.
Once test results are received back from the Colorado Meteorite Recovery

Team, the Sidney Sun-Telegraph will run a follow-up article based on the
findings. ______________________________________________
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