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From: Jerry A. Wallace <jwal2000_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Fri Oct 1 19:16:00 2004
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Wonder if that will become known as "the first plum shot into space"?
Bet it's 'plum jelly' now.

Adam Hupe wrote:

>Hi List,
>I just heard from Dr. Irving (One of the scientists that is a member of Team
>LunarRock) that Mount Saint Helens had a steam explosion sending up a plum
>16,000 feet. I am going to the University of Washington tomorrow to look at
>the seismographs just for fun. They are registering up to four earthquakes
>a minute showing the volcano is very much alive. It will be interesting to
>see if the earthquakes continue after this steam explosion.
>All the best,
>Adam Hupe
>The Hupe Collection
>Team LunarRock
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