[meteorite-list] coating iron meteorites

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Date: Fri Nov 26 19:19:07 2004
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> Is it wise to coat iron meteorites with wax, etc.? Some say it's
> OK and others say to *never* coat a meteorite. Does anyone have any
> insight into this?

I have only bad experiences. Also if meteorite is stable this will start
blowing some day.
Its the same as puting meteorites to plastic bags.

I have etched dronino from my collection without oil into membrane box for
experiment when it will start rusting. And from 1 month nothing, no any one
piece of rust.
So In my opinion the best is to oil meteorites, heat them, oil again and
leave them on open air and change oil from time to time (thin layer).
Ofcourse dont try this on Florida :)

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