[meteorite-list] MP Wants To Have More Answers on Sonic Boom Above England

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Date: Wed Nov 24 17:34:56 2004
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MP wants to have more answers on sonic boom
EDP24 (United Kingdom)
24 November 2004

A Norfolk MP has pledged to seek more answers about the recent sonic
boom above the county.

The loud explosion rocked large parts of north and east Norfolk on
November 8, shaking windows and startling people from Sheringham to
Halvergate. It also sparked fears of an explosion or an incident at the
Bacton gas site.

A week later, North Norfolk MP Norman Lamb was told by ministers that
the culprit behind the bang was a French fighter plane.

The Mirage was operating in a military range over the North Sea about 18
miles off the coast when it caused the sonic boom.

Ministry of Defence officials had originally been reluctant to confirm
the nationality of the perpetrator to the media, confirming only that it
was not British.

Mr Lamb is now seeking more detail about the incident, such as whether
foreign pilots have to stick to the same rules as domestic pilots when
flying near the UK coast and what further action has been taken after
the MoD's investigation.

"The MoD has been critical of this event," said Mr Lamb, "but I am still
not clear on whether or not regulations have been breached.

"And if they have, what is being done about it? These are all legitimate

A sonic boom is created by pressure waves from aircraft travelling
faster than sound.

An MoD spokesman said previously it went to great lengths to prevent
British aircraft making them and did not take kindly to other people
doing it.
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