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From: Michael Farmer <meteoritehunter_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Sat Nov 20 23:39:43 2004
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Well, I could easily make a judgment, but then it is going against the
rules, and while I have done that before, the only way to clean up this
disaster is to start living by the rules, and if you buy something through
the mail from Morocco, it should be submitted.
Amgala like I said in a previous email, is a fall, and like Bensour or
Allende, deserves different treatment from NWA #s.
Still, it is a tough call. I can say as a dealer and with some experience
since I announced Amgala, I could identify it, but I cant reccomend that
everyone who has owned a meteorite do it. There is no substitute for
Mike Farmer
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> Mike,
> I trust you. How about I send you a sample of my NWA 1110 and NWA 1877 and
> have Adam send you his.
> Then you can report your opinion regarding comparison back to anyone who
> cares.
> Thanks
> Bob Evans
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>> To clarify something that is obviously causing some problems in the
>> meteorite world right now, I want everyone to know that
>> NWA 788, 787, and NWA 482 are numbers that came from rather large or
>> meteorites with hundreds of pieces bought during one of my expeditions.
>> The Hupes and many other people have the right to those numbers.
>> Now, there are other numbers being widely used without proper title (as
>> Dr
>> Grossman has stated publicly and with finality that people do not own
>> numbers, but numbers are assigned to specific meteorite specimens and
>> must
>> not be used with other meteorites just because you heard or someone told
> you
>> it is the same).
>> Let's all please stop this practice as it is really hurting our business
> and
>> hobby. Virtually every dealer including myself has been or is guilty of
>> this, we are in the process of correcting the situation and to start
> people
>> MUST immediately comply or this will just spiral downward as we see
> tonight.
>> I perused eBay today and it is still rampant with sellers using numbers
> they
>> seem to have drawn from a hat. So please ask you seller next time you buy
>> something, how they got that number, who it was assigned to and if not
> them,
>> just how they came to call it that.
>> Mike Farmer
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