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From: Zelimir Gabelica <Z.Gabelica_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Tue Nov 16 13:13:36 2004
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Hello Al, Mike, list,

Nothing to add to the below statement as Al perfectly summarized who is

Although I like to diversify my purchase sources, many of my own meteorites
came from David and Blaine as well. These 2 guys were (David) and are
(Blaine) among the most reputable and reliable meteorite experts I have
Their main goal was always to have their customers fully satisfied,
sometimes at the expense of their profit.

I use to deal with David since...1975 (minerals) and shifted my interests
to meteorites thanks to him, after a couple of visits in his area
(Washington state) in 1992. Unfortunately he is now out of business, but he
is still active in many other (related or not) topics and I have the
privilege to still share with him interesting mails at least once a week.
You might know that he is one of the initiators of the new TCU meteorite
exhibit along with his friend Art Ehlmann (museum curator). I haven't had
the posibility to visit this said outstanding exhibit but, knowing David
and his extended expertise in largely contributing to select the about
1,200 (!) most significant meteorites worth being shown (along with the
unvaluable collection already gathered by Oscar Monnig for years and that
was at TCU), I only could encourage everybody (including myself!) to visit
one day this exhibit and just appreciate (see a report on that in a recent
"Meteorite" issue).

In 1993, I met Blaine at the Denver show and, after an interesting purchase
of very valuable and extremely fairly priced meteorites at his booth there,
I use to rely on him and deal with him on a regular and very satisfactory
This is being currently done through his reputed regular lists he uses to
send us by regular mail. I believe that the creation of the new sales lists
through Yahoo mail (thanks Mike for detailed info, it fairly succeeded to
get included) will (continue to) provide to everyone a good opportunity to
at least have a look at the items Blaine happens to find out here and there
and propose for our collections for our outmost pleasure and satisfaction.

I wish all the dealers from this list behave the fair and friendly way
Blaine and David did, for the best mutual profit of both parties, thus you,
dealers, in achieving sane business and us, collectors, to continue to
fulfill our passions with significant and affordable samples.

Perhaps this is one of the main reasons why this list was created ?

Regards to all,


A 15:24 15/11/04 -0500, vous avez ?crit :
>Hi Mike and list,
>Just a note to encourage list members to subscribe to Blaines new sells
>list. Blaine
>Reed has been a dealer for more years than most dealers and is a little
>along the
>lines of David New, except he is still in business. Blaine is a full time
>dealer and
>has great prices and a wide variety of items available and comes up with
>many new
>and neat hard to find items from time to time. He is also one of the most
>and consciences dealers that I have ever known. He knows more about
>meteorites than
>any ten dealers, myself included and is always fun to talk to in this regards.
>He also isn't a high pressure salesmen and works with folks to see they
>get what
>they want and certainly stands behind what he sales. Hope to see folks on
>his list
>with his offerings. All my best to all!
>--AL Mitterling
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