[meteorite-list] AD - eBay auctions ending today, Excellent Values

From: Greg Hupe <gmhupe_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Wed Nov 10 12:50:23 2004
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Hello Martin,

I wish you could enjoy your work also, it is very satisfying to help bring
such wonderful objects to collectors.

If you are heading for some strange thread here because you are bored, try
sending us some links to photos of your Zaklodzie or St. Martin. This way
you would be adding something constructive to the list instead of your
"other" posts. You are single handedly creating the Spam emails you voice
you do not like. Why? Again, are you bored? Go for a walk or something...

This is the last of this thread.


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Subject: Re: [meteorite-list] AD - eBay auctions ending today, Excellent

>I whish I could enjoy my own thoroughly work so much tooo.
> Wow, Zaklodzie - one of the most unpronouncable rocks from space on Earth.
> Let's get crazy: I have even one candidate more to fill the gap in the
> collection of the seriously linguistic concerned collector's collection of
> unpronouncable meteorites:
> LOWICZ !!!
> Fall: 1935, March 12, 00:52hrs
> Tkw: 59kg
> Mesosiderite MES-A3
> Hahaaa!! Try to get it, try to find so cheap!
> Ask your personal Jimmy Buffet!
> Because St.Martin is knocking on the door:
> Here you have it at 50-54 bucks per gram!
> ONLY TWO PIECES LEFT (well, I never had more than 2 pieces.....).
> And new is the price of Zaklodzie:
> F/B 200$/gm
> E.H. 69-100$/gm
> R.E 200$/gm
> Jensen 90$/gm
> E.J. 100$/gm
> M.F. 200$/gm
> S.B. 190$/gm
> Marcin before 70-80$/gm
> Where is the trick with the 50$ ?
> Nowhere. It's St.Martin !!!
> Was this about meteorites?
> Definetily yes.
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> From: "Greg Hupe" <gmhupe_at_tampabay.rr.com>
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> Sent: Wednesday, November 10, 2004 6:55 PM
> Subject: Re: [meteorite-list] AD - eBay auctions ending today, Excellent
> Values
>> Dear list,
>> I, for one, thoroughly enjoy the sale announcements as they mean NEW and
>> exciting material has been found and being offered to collectors. This is
>> what this list is all about, meteorites, in one form or another. The
>> subject line says "AD" first thing so if you are not interested, simply
>> click "Delete" and move on; no stress, no mess, no worries.
>> There is so much on this list that is not related to meteorites that for
>> complaints of new offerings is kind of silly, don't you think?!
>> Best regards to all and happy collecting,
>> Greg Hupe
>> The Hupe Collection
>> meteoritelab
>> naturesvault
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