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From: Sterling K. Webb <kelly_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Wed Nov 10 02:24:55 2004
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    Since the continents do not float on the oceans, the mark will not have
moved. If the mark was one mile above sea level before the three inch rise, it
would now be 5279 feet 9 inches above sea level, not 5280 feet 3 inches above
sea level.
    The statistic that "sea level has raised three inches" is meaningless
without a "since." Since yesterday? Since last year? Since 1950? Since 1900?
Since 1776? Since 1066? Since The Fall of Rome? What?
    Actually, I believe the touted three inch rise is for the twentieth century,
or a phenomenal 0.75 millimeter per year. Since I live at 441 feet above sea
level, that means that the Gulf of Mexico will be lapping gently at my front
doorstep in only another 179,222 years and 5 months. Guess I'd better start
    Living in Colorado won't help. At that rate, it will get to the marker on
the Colorado Capitol steps in just 2,145,792 years! Keep a weather eye out!

    OK, seriously, as a news item, it's just another piece of classic Global
Warming Hype Scare, like today's new report that ultimately the expansion of
wind power will change the Earth's climate. Both are examples of ridiculous
Politico-Pseudo-Science for media consumption.
    1. The Earth IS CURRENTLY IN AN ICE AGE. Do you see ice anywhere on Earth?
If your answer is "Yes," then IT'S AN ICE AGE!
    2. The current slightly milder climatic episode is called an interglacial,
meaning that during this period the ice remains but does not advance. The
longest interglacial on record in the last 100,000 years is 11,200 years. This
current interglacial has persisted for 10,800 years. To quote Clint Eastwood,
"Do you feel lucky, punk?"
    3. Despite insane warnings that the "climate is warmer now than it has ever
been in recorded human history," the climatic peak of warmth occurred about
6,000 years ago when it was 10 degrees warmer than it is now. Far from being a
disaster for mankind, this peak of warmth coincides with the beginning of
civilization, the founding of the first cities, the birth of agriculture, the
invention of writing, science, literature, and human culture generally.
    4. The "normal" climate for this era (the last couple of hundred thousand
years) are the conditions you find if you excavate the French Riviera at the
18,000 to 25,000 year old horizon: the permafrost was six to nine feet thick and
85% of the animal bones are reindeer, about like Barrow, Alaska today. Very few
bikinis in evidence.
    5. Evidence from ice cores and lake varves, et cetera, shows that the turn
from interglacial mildness to "normal" ice age conditions can happen on a time
scale of less than 1 year to maybe 50 years. No one knows what triggers the
return of "normal" ice age climatic conditions.
    6. Anyone who thinks that it's a good idea for humans to intervene on a
planet-wide basis to cool the Earth's climate down as much as possible is an
irresponsible idiot.

    Having now given offense as widely as possible and seeing no other sacred
cows on the horizon, I'm going to go toss some more carbon-laden fuel into my
personal CO2 generator and toast my feet by its waste heat while thumbing
through my well-worn copy of the works of Milutin Milankovich.

    Keep warm!

Sterling K. Webb
Tom AKA James Knudson wrote:

> Hello List especially Denver members. They say there is a building in Denver
> that has a step that is exactly one mile high. I heard on the news that the
> ice cap is melting due to global warming and that sea level has raised three
> inches. I want to know if it is true, so if someone can see if that step is
> still one mile and not one mile and three inches, I would appreciate it. : )
> Seriously, do you all think this is true, and if so, does it affect
> anything?
> Thanks, Tom
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