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Date: Tue Nov 9 22:44:29 2004
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Hello List especially Denver members. They say there is a building in Denver
that has a step that is exactly one mile high. I heard on the news that the
ice cap is melting due to global warming and that sea level has raised three
inches. I want to know if it is true, so if someone can see if that step is
still one mile and not one mile and three inches, I would appreciate it. : )
Seriously, do you all think this is true, and if so, does it affect

Thanks, Tom
peregrineflier <><
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That's true.
It is one of the many steps leading up to the Capitol building. There is a
plaque on it and that plaque had to be moved several times, mostly due to
measuring errors. In fact it was moved again this spring.
I am less than a mile from it but No, I am not going to go take a picture of
it tonight, it is raining and getting cold, it could turn to snow by morning.

Anne M. Black
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