[meteorite-list] Soyuz Capsule Flown "Heat Shield"

From: MARK BOSTICK <thebigcollector_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Tue Nov 9 14:59:07 2004
Message-ID: <BAY4-F15zLhG4YalgQk000321f9_at_hotmail.com>

Hello list,

Possibly of interest to some is these photographs of a "heat shield" from a
flown Soyuz spacecraft capsule. I was hoping it would compare more with the
heat shield shaped meteorites I have. However, this item is pretty much
just a scorched piece of heat resistant metal attached to a wood block and
fiberglass put on the inside side. If you are interested you can view
photographs of the disc shaped item at the following link:


The other day I brought the Rubicon 1 rocket home from the dock. Without
its engines and stripped it still weighs over 300 pounds. This large object
fell out of the sky last August into the Pacific ocean....shortly after
takeoff. Not a meteorite of course, but it was a big piece of metal that
fell from the sky. I learned a valuable lesson we should all memorize the
day I brought space capsule and nose cone home. Space rockets do not fit
through doorways. Sorry, no "recovery" photographs as it was raining last
week when I moved the item to where it is now. I will try to take some
photographs of the wreckage later. The nose cone pieces are each about the
size of me.

Clear Skies,
Wichita, Kansas
Mark Bostick
Received on Tue 09 Nov 2004 02:58:35 PM PST

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