[meteorite-list] Literal Meteorite Price Lists...I got some--want em?

From: Nicholas Gessler <gessler_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Mon Nov 8 23:41:54 2004
Message-ID: <>

This would be a good idea. So would archiving all of eBay's meteorite
auctions. However, it's an enormous task: Let's see...
400 auctions per week times 52 weeks is around 20,000. Times 10 years, is
about 200,000. With 300x400 images or 100k pixels times 3 bytes per pixel
is 300k bytes per auction (minimum). Times 20,000 is 6 megabytes for one
year, or 60 for 10. It's late. Someone please check my math. Maybe it is
feasible? Especially by someone who can write the code to do this
automatically. But not by me...

And then what have we got? Does the fact that someone paid $100 for xyz
two years ago mean that $50 is a fair price today? Or $200? Oh
well. Actually, I think the collection of photographs would be worth much
more than the collection of prices!

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