[meteorite-list] Lunaite from Colorado is probably slag

From: Adam Hupe <raremeteorites_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Mon Nov 8 15:22:30 2004
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Hi All,

When I went to Houston to read and listen to abstracts I was surprised by
comments made after the oral presentations. One or two questions were
allowed after each presentation and in a few cases scientists expressed
their disappointment that proper study protocols were not followed. Advice
was freely given to those who obviously needed to do more work on their
abstracts. It was like some were be admonished for doing less than
acceptable work.

In this case, two leading scientists commented before the oral presentation
was to take place. This served several purposes. A fantastic claim was made
public that a 3.2 kilogram achondrite meteorite had been found in Colorado
that was presumed to be a Mare basalt from the moon. The veracity of such a
statement should be brought into question because of the importance it
represented. I feel it is irresponsible to present such data without
collaboration from a qualify scientist. In this circumstance it caused a
lot of excitement unnecessarily and served very little purpose.

Kind Regards,
Adam Hupe
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> Hi All
> I was unable to attend the poster session yesterday but Jack Murphy was.
> is what he found;
> "Thanks for sending me the information on the GSA poster. I met the young
> and talked to him for some time. He has changed his abstract (although the
> printed and on-line version are not changed) and approach. New title is
> Preliminary Analysis of an Ultrarefractory Material from Granada,
Colorado, USA. He
> has spent a lot of time this last year working on composition & petrology
> this foot ball-sized mass....and it has been a good learning experience.
> understands that this sample may be slag and not a meteorite but he has
wanted to
> follow through on his proposed undergraduate research methods. I am going
> try and get him hooked up with a professional in the field who can advise
> perhaps even channel his interests into continuing work in meteoritics.
> can post this to the list if you would like. Thanks."
> Looks like he saw the slag comments. Any comment.
> Mike
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