Rép : [meteorite-list] NWA 1774 and NWA 3098 Rumurutiites

From: philippe thomas <thomasmeteorites_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Mon Nov 8 05:46:12 2004
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Hello All,

Really the NWA 3098 looks like my NWA 1774 but it seems interesting to compare the both classifications.

Here is the classification of the NWA 1774 by M. Denise from MNHNP:
Classification R3.8/6-S4-W3. TKW 714g.
Fa (mol%) : 7.63-40.14.
Fs (mol%) : 0.38-39.81.
CPX:Fs=29.61-15.70 Wo=9.29-39.47; OlV:NiO=0.12;
breccia with shocked, sulfide-blackened zones; melted silicate clasts; where type 3 dominant chondrules are small and set in very fine matrix; altered sulfides.

I'm working to update my website and in few days I will add some pictures of the NWA 1774 including thin section.

Best Wishes,

Philippe Thomas

JD wrote:

This meteorite (NWA 3098) looks a lot like some material I
have. NWA 1774, R3.8 - 6 (not R5), 714 g TKW, Found 2002.

Hello John, Jeff K., Stefan, and List,

When Alex Seidel and I got this beautiful R5 from Stefan, we echanged
several mails re: classification of this R5 because we both felt we were
looking at an R3-5 (my mail to Stefan dated Wednesday, Feb. 25, 2004).

My collection piece (4.9 grams) is a triangular slice with fusion crust, numerous
chondrules and several angular and subangular light-brown clasts. Some clasts
seem to be composed of unequilibrated material and are a deep black color with
chondrules and mineral fragments enclosed. Some chondrules have a thin black
seam and one chondrule is a tightly packed aggregate of worm-like pyroxene laths
in a white groundmass of anorthite (not quite sure if it *is* anorthite).

Best wishes,


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