[meteorite-list] Aurora Alert

From: Jamie Platt <platt_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Mon Nov 8 03:27:48 2004

Al and all -
        Just came in from viewing the same here (NE Ohio)- I've never seen movement
this rapid. It was like shock waves going across the full sky in a split
second, nonstop one after another. I assume at the same speed the solar wind
is carrying the CME. Makes sense I guess but I never seen it move like that
before. Incredible!!! You'd swear we were under planetary attack... :-)

Jamie & Kim Platt
Heaven Sent Alpacas
2842 Townline Rd
Madison Ohio 44057

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Hi Steve and all,

Anyone in the midwest on up to Canada should be treated to a fantastic
display of the aurora. I have been watching on and off the last three
hours and just went out and have seen a brilliant display of "curtains"
with pulsating light that is moving in a fast fluctuation fashion.
Although I've seen aurora many times, this is the most movement I have
ever seen and again it is impressive. If your in our area it would be
worth going out as long as you have relatively clear skies that aren't
too light polluted and you'll see a fantastic display! Best!


Saw a nice meteor run through Cassiopeia the Queen on the throne while
watching. Too small to deliver anything though, other than dust. Best!

--AL Mitterling

Steve Witt wrote:

> Greetings List,
> Enjoying a beautiful display of the Northern Lights here in NW
> Indiana. My first ever, Colors from light green to blue nearly to the
> zenith.
> Steve

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