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Paper: News Journal
City: Mansfield, Ohio
Date: Sunday, November 01, 1970
Page: 2-D

Missing Meteorite Found in Oregon


     KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. (UPI) - One of only four meteorites which have been
discovered in Oregon was subsequently lost for 18 years until a researcher
found in the a collection at the University of New Mexico.
     And the man who originally found it in 1952 says he knew all along
where it was - he just didn't know anyone was looking for it.
     It was the first Oregon meteorite found in 50 years. When Jack Halsell
made the discovery, he didn't know what he had.
     Halsell was working for a logging firm north of here when he was
clearing rocks from a road. He was picking them up and tossing them to one
side. What attracted his attention, he recalls, is that rock was much
heavier than the rest.
     He knew something was wrong when he couldn't pickup the small rock with
one hand.
    "I've thrown a lot of rocks since then," he said, "But never like that
     The rock was the size of lunch paid and weighed 37 1/2 pounds. "I just
put it on a stump." Halsell recalls, "and took it home in my pickup."

     The rock lay around the Halsell backyard until one day he managed to
hacksaw a piece off. He took the fragment to a friend to analyze and he
quickly assessed the material as part of a nickel-iron meteorite.

     The fragment eventually ended up in the H.H. Nininger collection at
Arizona State University in Tempe.
     Halsell sold the large mass to Dr. Lincoln La Paz of the University of
New Mexico for $93. "They paid me by the pound for it." Halsell remembers,
he had to make a special box to ship the meteorite in.

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