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Date: Sat Nov 6 18:32:56 2004
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> Ehhhh.......this is the market here say some people...when I say the
> its under go in total ruin many say noooo....ebay is not the market etc..
> etc... For me this is a right price for a ordinary chondrite recent fall
> Morocco......Just in Munich days ago a moroccan person offer a 1.5 kg. of
> Amgala for $1500....now have to reduce the price again probably....

1.5kg piece and 15g piece is a little difference.
I hoped that Amgala price just stabilized from10-12$/g to 5$/g similar (or
under) to other fresh sahara falls. They are all cost from 5-10$

So If Moroccans can/want offer it now for 1$, then tomorrow someone will
send here BIG RETAIL PROMOTIONS SALE, Amgala at 1.95$ and next week someone
other 1.45$/g :)

So where we will be on december ?

Thats few of my "not fresh" ideas at 0:20AM

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