[meteorite-list] An offer: shop+domain+hosting

From: Bernhard Rems <rendelius_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Sat Nov 6 12:44:08 2004
Message-ID: <001701c4c428$28fc8430$bc4a2fd5_at_rendhome>

Hi list!

I have worked hard the last few weeks (and had a hard time being silent
about that *g*) building something I think will be most interesting for
most of you: I am proud to be able to offer you a complete, automated
and easy to use shop for your meteorite sales, including setup, your own
domain and hosting.

After a lot of research on the internet I have found a shopping cart
that is ideal for meteorite stores. After I have set it up, you don't
need any programming skills or HTML knowledge to upload and present your
meteorites. It handles different categories and subcategories, allows
you to accept paypal, credit cards (if you have a merchant account) and
many other payment options. You just enter a description, upload a pic
(pics are resized for a thumbnail view on the fly), add the price and
the item is ready for sale. The cart even handles your mail exchange
with your customers, alerts you about sales, does backups of your
database and allows you to specify s&h for foreign or domestic shipping.
You can highlight products, enter rebates and much more. You can easily
change the look of the shop to fit into your homepage's color scheme.
And: it's multilingual for the admin and the user!

I have registered a domain and bought a server where I can build this
shop for you (and this server will be exclusively for the shops, so the
loading times will be VERY fast). The domain is www.metsale.com (not
active yet), and your domain would be something like
meteoritesaustralia.metsale.com (grin) (just replace the first part with
the name of your web appearance).

The setup fee is $50 ($25 for IMCA members), monthly hosting cost is
$25, including 500MB webspace (should be more than enough even for the
largest shops) and 10GB transfer (same here, that's a LOT). Compare this
with other offers NOT including a fully functional shop. You get a shop
that is ready to use, you can start filling it with content right away.
The server has excellent connections to the internet and works extremely

Even if you run your own website, this shop is perfect as an addition.
Just link to it from your website, and back to the website from your
shop. No more fiddling with HTML, layout, no more hassles with
processing payments.

For those interested, I have set up a demo shop where they can play
around with the admin section and have a look at the shop itself, just
to get the feeling how easy this thing is and how little work there is
involved once I have set it up for you. Please mail me and I will give
you access to the demo shop admin section.

I hope you find this offer interesting - I think this is something a lot
of people have waited for (including me). Please contact me off-list
with any questions.

Bernhard Rems
IMCA #2121
Received on Sat 06 Nov 2004 12:43:33 PM PST

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