[meteorite-list] Re: Franconia and HaH183

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Date: Sat Nov 6 04:24:29 2004
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> When you say "Franconia is a bit more tricky", I'm not
> sure what you mean. Are you not sure that Franconia is
> an H5? I would find this surprising, given all that has
> been published in "Meteorite", not to mention MB#88.

Hi Bob, Ruben, and List,

Oops, sorry if my words should have given rise to any doubts
regarding the sincerity and/or integrity of the finders involved!

No, there is no doubt about my Franconia specimen being
(a) a genuine Franconia meteorite and (b) an H5 chondrite.

Bob, please let me now quote from your own mail to the
List as I was referring to *that* part of the story:

"At the time I wrote that article, it was thought that the
finds being made by Mike Miller and Ruben were not paired to
Franconia. Mike thought that his finds were from a different fall."

Best wishes,

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