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From: Greg Hupe <gmhupe_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Nov 4 14:18:53 2004
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> Hi Matt,
> Good expansion on the desert talk. But, the flood will never be the same
> as the Sahara. I and Jason Phillips went to a remote desert in Kenya in
> Feb./Mar. 2003 after much research and expense to come home with no
> meteorites, but a heck of a lot of fun and experience. Jason is a
> go-getter if ever there was ( he accompanied me a separate trip, also last
> year, to Morocco).
> There is no worry a vast amount of meteorites to be found, but the
> "collecting" zone such as the hot desert of the Sahara and the cold desert
> of Antarctica are limited and will end very soon. There are so many teams
> and individuals hunting these regions that it is a matter of time. Like in
> Oman, the tracks are clearly laid out, every square inch is being
> searched.
> Let the winds expose a lunar for you,
> Greg
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>> All of this is interesting, but not one person has yet to mention all the
>> other deserts on this planet that will yield meteorites, and lots of em.
>> There are more Morocco's waiting to happen folks! The supply from the Hot
>> Deserts may be dwindling, but as more and more nomads in other countries
>> become educated and see $, the flood will come again.
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>> And Bernhard, as always, I answer:
>> For a serious dealer it does not pays off on the long run to praise
>> stinky
>> Campos or boring W4 desert H5s like the Star of India.
>> Experienced collectors don't appreciate such exaggerations and the
>> beginners
>> will soon find out
>> the overstatements.
>> Meteorite market is not Fish Market.
>> Martin
>> You don't get my point, Martin. It's not praising stinky Campos or
>> "boring" W4 desert H5's (BTW, the attitude that desert H5's are boring
>> is something I fully reject), it's about transporting the magic of
>> meteorites in your text, telling people more than just "I sell a Campo".
>> Give them background information, tell them that Campos tend to rust,
>> but tell them also the history of this find. Tell them how they can take
>> care of their pieces, and why even a "stinky Campo" is a piece of
>> extraterrestrial matter that is something special.
>> You don't have to exaggerate to sell. You just have to show that you
>> appreciate what you are selling.
>> Bernhard
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