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From: Peanut .. <cj_peanut_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Nov 4 06:27:00 2004
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Hello Bern and List,

A Price Guide is exactly what it says, a guide. This does not set the
"Value" at any particular price but it does give you a base to start out.
Perhaps a better "Guide" would be a price guide for classsifications. Just
to give a base price.

Other factors would come into play of course. For example, if El Hammami
were to be listed at $5.00/g these factors would offset that price up or
down. Factors such as rust, slice, fragment, endcut, uncut. You'd probably
pay more for a nice looking polished slice than for a broken uncut fragment
even if they were both at the same weight.

Coins and stamps offer a base price, but I have bought and sold well above
and well below "book value"

I don't agree per say in setting an average price, but a base price. This is
not to set a market, but it allows the market to have something to rise or
fall from. If I found a meteorite tomorrow in a field and I said I wanted
$60,000 for it and was firm, that would be the only way to aquire it. This
is controlling a market, not involving yourself in it.


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