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From: Philip R. Burns <pib_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Wed Nov 3 15:53:46 2004
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At 01:14 PM 11/3/2004, Robert Warren wrote:

>Would anyone on this list have any biographical information, such as birth
>and death research papers, books, complete names when initials are given,
>etc.. info for the following persons? This information is being requested
>for a bibliography in work on Meteor Crater. All of the individuals
>listed below have had something to do with either the crater, the
>associated meteorites, the formation process, etc., for that crater. Any
>and all information will be greatly appreciated.
>Oliver Cummings Farrington,
>E. P. Henderson,
>Claude C. Albritton,
>John Davis Boon,
>Edward Anders,
>Carlton B. Moore,
>Phillip Bagnall,
>William Graves Hoyt,
>Brandon Barringer,
>Benjamin C. Tilghman,
>Elliot Blackwelder,
>Dorsey Hager,
>David H. Boot,
>William D. Boutwell,
>John C. Brandt,
>Robert D. Chapman,
>Vitali Aleksandrovich Bronshten,
>F. Martin Brown,
>Harrison S. Brown,
>Peter Lancaster Brown,
>Jon B. Bryan,
>Donald E. Burton,
>Vagn F. Buchwald,
>John Davis Buddhue,
>Theodore E. Bunch,
>Michael R. Dence,
>Nevile L. Carter,
>Edward C. T. Chao,
>Clark R. Chap[man,
>David Morrison,
>Mark J. Cintala,
>Roy S. Clarke, Jr.,
>E. Cohen,
>G. M. Colvocoresses,
>W. Crookes,
>H. L. Crowson,
>Frank Dachille,
>F. K. Dalton,
>F. S, Dellenbaugh,
>A. H. Delsemme,
>Michael R. Dence,
>Arthur S. Doan, Jr.,
>Joseph I. Goldstein,
>Robert T. Dodd,
>William Donn,
>William D. Ehmann,
>Ahmed El-Goresy,
>G. Camille Flammarion,
>Arthur E. Foote,
>George E. Foster,
>Jacuelyn H. Freeberg,
>C. Friedel,
>A. C. Giofford,
>J. J. Gilvarry,
>J. E. Hill,Samuel Glasstone,
>A. L. Graham,
>John A. Grant,
>Peter H. Schultz,
>Richard A. F. Grieve,
>D. Griggs,
>Maurice J. Grolier,
>F. N. Guild,
>D. J. Guppy.

Most of these names are familiar to me. Principally they are authors and
scientists of the past century or so. Any good University library should
be able to tell you something about them. You can scan the online catalog
to get basic information, and look up most of them in the various "Who's
Who" publications for more detailed biographical information.

For example, here's the entry for Peter Lancaster Brown's book _Comets,
meteorites, and men_ from our online library catalog here at Northwestern

         Author, etc.:
Brown, Peter, 1927-
         Title: Comets, meteorites and men.
         Publisher: London, Hale
         Date: [1973]
         Type of material: Book
         Description: 255 p. illus. 23 cm.
         Notes: Errata slip inserted.
         Includes bibliographical references.
         Library of Congress subject headings:

         ISBN: 0709139160

Since some of these folks are still active, you may be able to find their
web pages or contact information online. For example, here is Clark
Chapman's home page:


Good luck!

-- Philip R. "Pib" Burns
Received on Wed 03 Nov 2004 03:53:10 PM PST

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