[meteorite-list] Muncih 2004 roundup

From: Bernhard Rems <rendelius_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Tue Nov 2 01:50:09 2004
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Hi list,

back from Munich at last. Those of you not having been there: you missed
something for sure :-). Not so much because of what was offered there
(some nice things, though, like Ali?s unbelievable new iron or slices of
Neuschwanstein), but because of the people meeting there. Although I met
most of them for the first time, they became something like friends for
me within minutes. Amazing what common interests and a little bit of
open-heartedness can do b.

I LOVED haggling with the Moroccan dealers (too bad we couldn?t have a
cup of chai during our battles over the prices *g*), admired Bruno?s
beautiful displays, cured myself with Serge?s excellent medicine (don?t
forget to bring it to France as well, Serge), enjoyed Martin?s Bavarian
sense of humor, Christian?s smile when he found something nice, Carine?s
smile when she dismissed Bruno for the next cigarette, I very much
enjoyed the inspring conversations with Anne during our
?Fliegerbr?u?-Meeting, had a good time with Marcin when we tried to make
a deal after way too many beers, and loved all the moments with all
other collectors and dealers during these days.

Munich convinced me to attend other fairs next year, and I will
certainly be at both French shows in June. Thanks to everyone who made
these three days so worthwile for me!


PS: I will be posting photos later on, but I fear they won?t add
anything substantial to what has already been posted.
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