[meteorite-list] Changes to Guidelines for Meteorite Nomenclature

From: MexicoDoug_at_aol.com <MexicoDoug_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Mon Nov 1 11:17:57 2004
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Dear List, Jeff,

Looks like NomCom has conceded the battle this year but isn't ready to lose the war.

Now that future NWA final names can actually be after the locality instead of with the "NWA convention", with appropriate documentation (will coded coordinates qualify?), it isn't clear - at least to me - when looking at the fact that pairings aren't currently contemplated, whether the soon to be locality-approved vintages in and around Morocco work like those everywhere else: i.e., hypothetically, in a meteorite-dense zone ,could a future "Tatanumsour" FIND locality continually produce officially recognized "Tatanumsour" specimens, after the original classification? So if NWA 869-like find were at the provisional stage and a good strewn field map produced...

Saludos, Doug
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