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Date: Sun May 30 15:55:18 2004
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Hello All.
This time I put to ebay a few interesting items.
# Small field MICROSCOPE, perfect for exhibitions #
Its verry small, "mobile" microscope with magnifyty 50x.
Item ID 2247605879

# Oryginal OLD page from Meyers Lexikon 1906 edition #
Old page with a few well known historical meteorites and tectites. Oryginal.
Item ID 2247605894

## Meteorit NWA 869 [L5 breccia] LOT 500g #1#
Nothing to say :)
Item ID 6100235881

# Meteorite NWA1839 ultra rare chondrite L7 #
Slice of only 1 of 2 known L7 chondrites that dont have chondrules :)
Item ID 2247777523

# Meteorite OUZINA ultra rare R4 - BEAUTIFULL #
Ultra rare, ultra beautifull, ultra cheap. Best looking rumuruti u ever see.
Item ID 2247777513

And ofcourse some Meteorite Magazines from Polish Edition and other books.

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