[meteorite-list] meteorite givaway, NO. #6

From: Steve Arnold, Chicago!!! <steve_arnol60120_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Wed May 19 17:38:32 2004
Message-ID: <20040519213827.404.qmail_at_web14925.mail.yahoo.com>

Hello list.I have 3 more doubles of meteorites that I want to GIVE
AWAY.They are free people!!I have a 0.5 gram piece of KAFFIR (C),a 7.7
fragment of DAG 107, and finally a 5.7 gram fragment of DAG 248.All I ask
is for $4.00 for priority shipping.I would like to give these to some
people who have not gotten any frebbies from me.So chime in and see if you
get lucky.

                                             steve arnold, chicago

Steve R.Arnold, Chicago, IL, 60120
I. M. C. A. MEMBER #6728
Illinois Meteorites
website url http://stormbringer60120.tripod.com

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Received on Wed 19 May 2004 05:38:27 PM PDT

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