[meteorite-list] Are you a dealer at Ensisheim 2004?

From: Zelimir Gabelica <Z.Gabelica_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Mon May 17 18:06:02 2004
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Dear Eric, List

You might know that the organizing committee of Ensisheim Meteorite Show is
placing every year a special room at anyone's disposal for bringing
material for sale on a consignment basis.
I am currently responsible, along with the specimens owner(s), of such

This is mostly valid for meteorites/tektites/books/CD... that some people
want to offer for sale but are not able, for various reasons, to resreve a
table for doing so.
This is a free service (with no profit for the organizers) we are basically
offering :
1) to members of the organizing staff who have no possibilities to be
"quenched" permanently at some table, and
2 to people coming from "far away" and can only bring limited quantities of
meteorites for their trades.

The consignement room set up is indirectly a side-advertisement for our
show and this activity appears to be appreciated by all the attendees.

Everybody is therefore welcome to bring along some specimens, preferably
not too common, to put an appropriate tag with name, shortt data and a
competitive price (it is of use that such items sell well and are therefore
very reasonably priced) and is required to be present for discussions
and/or transactions. If you can not come but still wish to offer unusual
specimens, let me know and I can be responsible (at your risks) of their sale.

I am encouraging many of you to fulfill the above conditions and to require
putting a few specimens for sale in the consignment room.

Eric, your specific request to take along your DVD's is a perfect example
that fits the above conditions.
If you don't find anyone to bring them in Ensisheim and care of their
sale, just feel free to send them to me and I'll organize their specific
sale. Incidently, we will have this year a special table (next to the
consignment room) for book and CD's/DVD's sale and your material can be
very easily included there.
If this solution is of interest to you, please contact me off list.

So far, we have today 12 different "consigners" from various countries
wishing to participate to that activity and I am able to send a short list
of items they would offer for sale, if appropriate (to the List or
specifically off list, on request), at least for items for which I already
have data (names, weights, possibly prices). Photos not possible by now.

The 51 tables of the show are quasi fully reserved. Some are still "on
hold" and, with some possible and inevitable last minute cancellations, I
could perhaps accept further demands, on a waiting list basis. Contact me
as soon as you can.

Wishing to meet most of you in Ensisheim in one Month from now,



A 20:19 17/05/04 +0100, vous avez ?crit :
>Are you a dealer having a stand at Ensisheim 2004?
>I am looking for someone to take some of my Meteors and Meteorites DVD's
>on a sale or return basis to sell at the show.
>See the current May issue of Meteorite magazine for a review of the DVD.
>If you are interested please email me direct for further details.
>Eric Hutton
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