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From: Michael L Blood <mlblood_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Sun May 2 22:12:51 2004
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Hi Adam,
        While I find your commentary fascinating, I not with interest and
distaste that your previous post was dated 5-12-04 and this most
resent post is dated 5-13-04. This puts and keeps your email at the
top of my (and everyone's) "in" list and is a scam used by spammers.
    I am sure that is not your intent and encourage you to set your
program to today's date.
   Again - very interesting information - thanks, Michael

on 5/13/04 5:09 PM, Adam Hupe at adamhupe_at_comcast.net wrote:

> Hi Martin and List,
> Martians bottomed out two and a half years ago according to our data base.
> Zagami could be purchased for $140.00 a gram then and DAG 476 for $120.00.
> Both sell for around $300.00 a gram now. It is understandable that the
> SAU005 and DAG 476 series would be at the low end of the feeding chain
> because of the amount of supply. I feel Zagami (a witnessed fall selling
> for less than NWA Martians) is under priced right now because most of it has
> now been distributed and larger specimens are becoming increasingly
> difficult to find. Nakhla (another witnessed fall selling for less than NWA
> Nakhlites) is the least expensive Nakhlite right now but has held steady at
> around $1,200 a gram for several years making it a relatively safe
> investment. It looks like TKW is the factor that most influences the price
> of Martian material. Surprisingly, it does not seem to matter that some are
> witnessed falls according to our database which tracks auction prices not
> dealers. Martians were one of the first type of meteorites to depreciate
> and are among the first to recover from the downturn of a couple years back.
> They have outperformed everything the last two and half years according to
> our collection database.
> Lunar on the other hand seems to be under appreciated right now. We feel
> that it was priced way too high four years ago and the price seems to have
> over corrected itself. We have improved our collection greatly taking
> advantage of these low prices as have several other collectors so you wont
> hear us complaining. At a fraction of the weight of Martians, Lunar
> represent the biggest bargain right now, in our opinion.
> I feel as a whole, the so-called market is still adjusting itself.
> Witnessed falls were among the last items to drop in price and still
> continue to decrease sharply according to our database that represents most
> available falls contained in our collection. The low petrologic type
> chondrites and rare material having been holding steady lately indicating
> the demand is good and the price has been beaten down about as far is it is
> going to go. If the supply were to suddenly drop you can count on rare
> material to be among the first to show a sharp rise in price according to
> our predictions.
> Cataloging our collection has given us some insights into how valuable
> different types of meteorites really are. The good news is that overall the
> so-called market is recovering in most sectors and most items have remained
> steady or increased slightly over the last quarter. It is too soon to tell
> if it has to do with the economy as a whole.
> Wishing everybody the best,
> Adam and Greg Hupe
> The Hupe Collection
> Team LunarRock
> IMCA 2185
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