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From: Sterling K. Webb <kelly_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Sat May 1 19:56:06 2004
Message-ID: <4094394E.1DBC4044_at_bhil.com>

Hi, Kevin,

    I see you live in California, which is what I suspected as I began
to read your message. California has a state law requiring this labeling
on all products containing any of a 600-item-long list of "potential"
carcinogens. Many substances on this warning list are common and
harmless in everyday use.
    For example, if you go to your garden supply store or building
materials store in California and buy a bag of sand, it will display
this same warning, because "silica," otherwise known as sand, is
considered by the State of California to be a carcinogen.
    My God! The whole planet is contaminated! Surely there must be
someone we can sue for having dumped trillions of tons of dangerous
cancer-causing sand all over our pristine planet!
    No doubt Sheath contains petroleum distillates; that would trigger
the warning label. Is there a warning on that can of motor oil you
compared it to?
    Is it just that the State is being particularly protective of its
citizens? Not really. There are no restrictions on the sale of products
with the warning label. But it does mean that if, in the year 2047, you
decide to sue the manufacturer of Sheath for a cancer you believe to be
caused by your exposure to his product 43 years earlier, he can point
out that you were duly warned and it ain't his fault if you ignored it.

Sterling K. Webb

Kevin Heider wrote:

> I went to my local gun shop yesterday to purchase some Sheath and I
> noticed on the side of the can that it says it contains chemicals know
> to cause cancer. Is Sheath any more dangerous than motor oil? I
> assume that I should wear gloves while applying it?Will the Sheath
> bound to the iron and be safe to the touch 24 hours later? I want to
> know just in case the kids (or I) handle the New Campo after applying
> the Sheath. The gun shop also carries "Gun & Reel SILICONE Cloth".
> Will this be good for applying the Sheath or is the SILICONE bad for
> my 5.81kg New Campo? Thank you for your time,Kevin Heider
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