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Date: Thu Apr 22 10:32:57 2004
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Space rock hits the North
Townsville Bulletin (Australia)
April 1, 2004

A MYSTERY "fireball" that fell from the sky and reportedly struck the
earth so hard it shook buildings like a mini-earthquake had North
Queenslanders scratching their heads last night.

Everyone from police to air traffic controllers, pilots, firefighters
and locals in areas from Townsville, Charters Towers, Winton, Cloncurry,
Hughenden and Giru reported seeing a spectacular fireball light up the
sky before it came crashing down in a fiery haze.

No one knew what it was but suspected it was a meteorite. And no one the
Townsville Bulletin spoke to last night could pinpoint exactly where the
piece of space rock apparently hit.

"It lit up most of the town and probably hit the ground somewhere in the
Aramac direction," George Schafer of Winton said. "It actually shook
buildings. There was a bang like you wouldn't believe.

"Whatever it was, there was a smoke trail coming off the back of it. I've
never seen anything like it in my life.

"There was a dull light that went over the town and a minute after there
was an explosion.

"I don't know what it was."

Dean Coffison of Hughenden said he thought it hit Winton.

"I thought someone had let off a bomb," he said.

"It was just like a big, bright flare."

Mr Coffison said he too felt the earth shake but did not hear the bang.

Sergeant Bill Edbrooke of Mount Isa police said he received several calls
about it and it was hot gossip all over North Queensland.

"It was seen all over the place," he said.

"They said they saw a big, green glowing ball falling from the sky and
hitting the ground."

Townsville meteorologist Andrew Cearns said he had received calls from
firefighters as far afield as Cloncurry to as close as air traffic
controllers in Townsville.

"We don't know much more than what we've heard," he said.

Reports had the object hitting the earth sometime between 7-8pm.



Qld residents spot large fireball in the sky
Australian Broadcast Corporation
April 1, 2004

Police and aviation authorities have been swamped by calls about a
large fireball, believed to be a meteor, seen over Queensland's
north and central west.

The object was reported about 7:00pm (AEST).

Mike Barton from Australian Search and Rescue says the crew of a
passenger jet also witnessed the sight.

"There has been extensive reports from members of the public
throughout North Queensland, all the way from Hinchinbrook Island
through to Winton, on what looks like some sort of meteor
space re-entry," he said.

"Particularly south-west, down around the Winton area, they think
it might have hit the ground because they can feel some vibrations
and hear noise.

"A Virgin Airlines flight that was travelling up the coast, which
was in the vicinity of Hinchinbrook Island, reported this object
going over the top."



Light show startles residents
April 1, 2004

RESIDENTS of central western Queensland were treated to a
spectacular light show last night, when an object described as "a
kite on fire" lit up the evening sky.

Neal Elliott, of Winton, said he noticed the sky illuminate just
after 7pm.

"I looked up and in the north-east there was this bloody big
fireball, like a kite on fire," he said.

"Then I heard this explosion and everyone ran out into the street
to see what was going on because the houses were shaking."

Mr Elliott said the object left a trail of white vapour after it

The weather bureau confirmed it had received calls about the bright
light as did police stations from Longreach to Rockhampton.

The object's identity was not known last night.
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