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From: Norman Lehrman <nlehrman_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:32:57 2004
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I'm willing to bet I speak for a bunch of people out
there. Humo(u)r is humo(u)r, and always plays with
the edges of propriety/expectation. It tends to deal
with issues that have strong reactions and gives them
a twist. That's how it works. "We" laugh.

I think you have faced absurd criticisms with
reMARKable control and understanding. I know the sick
feeling in the gut when one tries to cause pleasure
and gets in return a shotgun blast.

Let it rest. The REAL people understand. The rest
won't. Ever. (Short sentence, eh? 4 letters. Tough
(tuff) to understand.) Let them roll in it and face
their sorry lives).

This list is such a cool part of our new age. I die a
little bit every time someone tries to kill it. This
is not a political platform. This is not where we
teach the masses the current vision of propriety.

This is a bunch of folks that understand the magic of
rocks that fell from the sky. There's nothing in this
message critical of you or your FABULOUS artist. I'm
just expressing an opinion (and I'm willing to bet I
represent a majority of list members that didn't join
the list for food fights). We grasp the magic of the
rocks. We like the news, the debates, the exchanges,
the humor.

Please, everyone, let's stick with the object of our
passions and give everyone a little slack. They
eventually fall further and hang themselves if they
are way out of line. (Where's Matteo?)

Next real meteorite subject please?


--- MARK BOSTICK <thebigcollector_at_msn.com> wrote:
> Hello John and list,
> Hope everything is well over on the coastline for
> you and your wife.
> To be honest John, my desire to continue to defend
> the comic is less then the desire from minorities to
> defame it. Images are interrupted by different
> people, differently and I am not sure what else I
> can add that I have not already said. I have
> answered all e-mails with as much as respect and
> courtesy as I could bring myself to, much more then
> was given me I think and many of these e-mails were
> very close to slander (in front of my peers and
> customers).
> I have welcomed others to debate me, and critics
> have chosen not to play of such grounds, a platform
> of somewhat equal ness, and yet at the same time
> chosen not to be silent. If I am not allowed to
> defend myself, and if you read my previous postings
> and still have questions, then perhaps I lack the
> ability to type out of my thoughts in a manner that
> is accepted as an answer.
> If I offended anyone it was not my intent and for
> that I apologize.
> Wishing everyone well,
> Mark Bostick
> www.meteoritearticles.com
> www.kansasmeteoritesociety.com
> www.imca.cc
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