[meteorite-list] Sudbury Onaping query

From: Roman <Roman_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:32:56 2004
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Hi Dave

I see you received no posts from the list yet.

The Sudbury crater was introduced to me around 5 years ago. It's
funny because some of local people living right in the crater do not know
they are living in a crater. The visual area is very different than what I
am used to, so I found the place quite intriguing.

I probably have no real answers for you about your question, but I did
find out that there are reports of extra-terrestrial carbons in the black
That means something burned up that was NOT from Earth, agreed?

I can also tell you that I have seen many kilos of cut slabs of onaping, and
some have glassy inclusions, others include highly magnetic areas. You could
get a large slab and roll a small 1/4" round earth magnet ball to find the

Other than the beauty of the slices and the history, I really can't help
Did you read this part of my site? It may help a bit more, but the author
does not
include references unfortunately!


Best regards,
Roman Jirasek

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> Hi,
> this month's MAPS has an interesting article (not too technical for a
> change!) on the The role of meteorite impact as a normal geological
> (Bevan French of the dept of mineral science at the Smithsonian).
> Reading about Onaping I was wondering if anyone knew whether or not there
> are any traces of meteoritic material in this suevite?
> thanks
> dave
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