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Date: Thu Apr 22 10:32:56 2004
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I agree that we should compliment each other Al, but history has shown what
can happen in cases where we do not, and science wins. Why? Because this
isn't about us and our collections, it is bigger than us and if we act
irresponsibly than action will be taken...as it has before regarding

This is not about scientists and money, though money is involved, it is
about preserving a future for meteorites in institutions so they are not
lost to obscurity.

I am by no means in favor of a ban or suggesting one, in fact I have very
little scientific interest in meteorites and I agree that because of us
science has more than they will ever have. I am just seeing the writing on
the wall. Dean is a leader in the meteorite community, his actions are not
unnoticed. If this sale goes well, others could follow.

This "what the heck" attitude leaves everyone out except Dean, and those
left out will take notice if this becomes a trend and believe me something
will be attempted to stop the trend.

"Not to mention that we provide tax dollars for them to do so and I hope
they are grateful to be our public servants."

Grateful could turn to hateful, all I am saying is Dean should step up, this
is not how it is done.

Rob Wesel
We are the music makers...
and we are the dreamers of the dreams.
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> Hi Rob and all,
> Rob Wesel wrote:
> This is where we all need to get nervous that the horrible scientists will
to put a
> ban private collection....and can you blame them in a case like this?
> I can't speak for the rest of the world but in the USA scientists get
their money from
> public tax dollars. No one has a right to ban meteorite collecting nor
> collectors keep from science important specimens that might yield new
information. We
> SHOULD compliment each other and work together. I am very much bothered
that anyone
> would think that the scientific community has any right to even try to ban
> Until the Sahara finds most of the material was controlled, owned by the
> community. Only about 5% at most was in the hands of private individuals.
In a free
> society you should be able to collect. In an un-free society you can not
or wouldn't
> be permitted.
> It is because there are more people out there trying to find meteorites,
preserve them
> that science has so many new stones to research. Not to mention that we
provide tax
> dollars for them to do so and I hope they are grateful to be our public
servants. All
> my best!
> --AL Mitterling
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