[meteorite-list] Heat-treating tektites

From: tracy latimer <daistiho_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:32:56 2004
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I know that old glass bottles (besides going purple) will also develop a
metallic rainbow patina from being exposed to UV radiation and weak acids,
as they might encounter after years in a dump. Considering that tektites
have been around for thousands of years longer than man-made glass, it's not
surprising that some would develop the same 'fumed' effect.

Tracy Latimer

>The last post clarifies the question a bit. A few
>years ago I received a large shipment of Lei gong mo.
>Included with these were a couple of dozen specimens
>with strong carnival-glass-like patinas, a full
>rainbow of submetallic colors. I have seen weaker
>examples of this sort of patina on old bottles that
>have been through fires. My guess was that the
>tektites may have been through a warehouse fire or
>some such thing. Clearly there is some process that
>will cause tektites to develop carnival-glass type
>films, and I don't think it is a natural process or we
>would see this more often. While not exactly a change
>in the glass color, this can yield a profound change
>in appearance. I would be interested to hear if
>anyone knows anything about the manufacture of
>carnival glass.
>Norm Lehrman

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