[meteorite-list] Dean's really cool new meteorite

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Date: Thu Apr 22 10:32:55 2004
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.. not so cool after all but rather "hot" instead as several
controversial emails (private communication) and equally
controversial posts show.

Well, while it may or may not be paired with NWA 1929,
it does look more like a howardite than a eucrite to me,
especially when you "color adjust" it a bit electronically.

As for NWA 1929, I wrote to Dean:

"I don't know. It does look similar, and, yet, there may be subtle
differences. The fine-grained matrix of the Hupes' NWA 1929
looks a bit different visually but photos can be deceiving."

Another list member wrote that the "Hupes' NWA 1929"
definitely looked fresher and had less or no cracks.

Clarification: When I wrote "the Hupes' NWA 1929", I did not
refer to who had it classified but where on EBay you would
find it if interested!

At the moment it all seems to boil down to a "visual", "preliminary",
and "arbitrary" classification as a howardite or a eucrite. Maybe
a little polishing of Dean's slices would clarify things a bit more
and a thin section would probably reveal its real status as a eucrite
or a howardite.

Who cares, ... I love it for what it is: another friendly messenger from
the vast reaches of our solar system, another gem that will probably
still be there when we are long gone.

Best wishes,

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