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Date: Thu Apr 22 10:32:55 2004
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Dear List,

Just for the record we were not the original group to have the
recrystallized Howardite NWA 1929 classified. We just sent in a secondary
type specimen for pairing purposes. Dean's new stone is a Polymict Eucrite
and is not paired with NWA 1929 as we already submitted a sample months ago.
You can look at pictures on ebay or dealers web-sites and see that NWA 1929
is completely different. We will be busy until Tuesday. If anybody is
interested we will post images of the new Polymict Eucrite next to NWA 1929,
a true Howardite early next week.

All the best,

Adam and Greg Hupe
IMCA 2185

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Subject: [meteorite-list] SALE: REALLY COOL METEORITE

> I dont know what this is, havent sent it for
> classification, and this poor lost meteorite dont even
> have a name to call its own. The nomad that I bought
> it from said that it was Lunar (He also told me that
> the H5s, L6s and a bunch other stuff that I bought
> from him was lunar also - but we wont talk about that
> right now).
> But I figure - hey, what the heck, I will ask $20 a
> gram for it anyway. I hope that everybody buys it all
> because then I wont have to go through the trouble and
> effort to try and get it named and classified (I hate
> having stuff for more than 3 weeks).
> My prices are probably lower than most other dealers
> would charge but I can offer a 25% discount on my
> listed prices to list members. Paypal preferred form
> of payment (because the Moroccans are hounding me for
> payment on this rock).
> Cheers
> http://www.meteoriteshop.com/900salepage.html
> PS:
> This is cool. Look just to see the pictures even if
> you are not interested in buying any. WARNING: If you
> do this you might really be tempted to lighten your
> pocket book.
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