[meteorite-list] New Find for sale - 8.35 pounds

From: Tom aka James Knudson <knudson911_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:32:53 2004
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Hi mike and list, I am a firm believer in Nininger's figure about
approximately ten meteorites per every square mile of earth. Look at Gold
Basin,and all its meteorites, look at Amgala and a new lunar, look at
franconia and already a few types! You get enough people searching any
square mile of a good meteorite environment you are going to find many
meteorites, lets all gather somewhere and find them!
Thanks, Tom
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NachrichtBernahard, are you sure it isnt Franconia Arizona? Many stones are
being found there and it looks identical to those.
Mike Farmer
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  first of all, please note that I am not the owner of the meteorite in
question, just acting on behalf of him.

  Two weeks ago, someone near Franconia Wash found a meteorite on his
property. The item weights 8.35 pounds, is remaglypted and shows nice crust.

  You can view it here:


  Om behalf of him, I am looking for a buyer for this meteorite. He has no
idea of meteorites, really, so he put the things into my hands. They marked
the spot where it was found and are able to give the buyer the exact GPS

  If you are interested in aquiring this piece, please contact me with an
offer. I will put the highest bidder (if there are reasonable bids, that is)
in contact with the seller.

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