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> Dear List: Beat Bernd ! that's the challenge ;-)
> McSween: Cosmic Debris and their parent planets
> Michel

OK, taking the bait ;-)

Brian Marsden, Director of the Minor Planet Center. After
long-lost asteroid 719 Albert was found again in the year
2000, he reviewed the orbital calculations and was thus
able to confirm that asteroid Albert had definitely been
rediscovered after 89 years.

He also calculated the minimum approach distance of
asteroid 1999 AN10 (diameter ca. 0.8 - 1.8 km) to Earth
on August 7, 2027. Sit down, breathe deeply: it may come
as close as ~38,000 km.

I did not really intend to take part in this competition as I am
trying to put together some information about heavily shocked
chondrites and that ominous "pseudotachylite" meteorite the
Hupes are offering (see their weekly rare material ad post).

Pseudotachylite is a well-known type of impactite breccia and
occurs as abundant bodies in the Vredefort and Sudbury impact

Best wishes,

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