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Hi Bob Verish and List,

The reference made to "rare manganese nodule samples from 3000 meters deep
on the Pacific Ocean floor", reminds me of when I used to live in South
Africa, I recall having read in a local Durban newspaper, about this south
african group of sea-divers who, - some 2 years before South West Africa
(which at the time, was a South African Protectorate), became an independent
country in 1990, as Namibia, - they were given a licence to explore a
portion of the sea-floor along the Skeleton Coast, and they used ships with
powerfull pumps and pipes to vacuum the sea bed, near the coast, for lots of
manganese nodules, most in 50 meter deep water - if my memory serves me


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"Meteorite: SuperRare Manganese nuggets from the


The link above shows a manganese nodule, which is more
like I remember how they look. The light-colored
shiny interior of the specimen in the eBay auction
looks every bit like the kind of meteorwrongs that I
have been seeing a lot of lately, and which we have
given the collective name:
"sulfide slag"
as described on Ken Newton's web page:


Caveat Emptor,
Bob V.
P.S. - Searched the web for manganese nodule.
Results 1 - 10 of about 4,920.

Welcome to Manganese-Nodule.Net ! Please click here to
continue ! Description: Portal giving links to all
major institutions and companies involved with
manganese nodules (prospecting,...
Category: Science > Technology > Mining

Manganese Nodules
... Here's your chance to have a rare manganese nodule
sample from 3000 meters
deep on the Pacific Ocean floor. ... Manganese Nodules
JPT-MANG2 $32.00. ...

NGDC/WDC MGG, Boulder-Scripps Inst of Oceanography
Ferromanganese ...
... Scripps Institution of Oceanography Ferromanganese
Nodule Analysis File. view gif
image of ferromanganese nodule. ... NAME OF DATA SET:
SIO Mn Nodule Analysis File. ...

NGDC/WDC MGG, Boulder-Scripps Inst of Oceanography
Manganese ...
... Scripps Institution of Oceanography Manganese
Nodule Sediment Description File.
cross section of ferromanganese nodule. NGDC Data Set
# MGG15995015(00250). ...
[ More results from www.ngdc.noaa.gov ]

Welcome to the world wide web portal for everything on
manganese nodules
and related topics. What are Manganese Nodules ? -
Introduction. ...

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