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Date: Thu Apr 22 10:32:50 2004
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Dear list

I have identified a new individual of the historic fall Djermaia, 25 feb
1961, Chad. Only 2 meteorites are known from this country. And only one
Fall, Djermaia.

It is a H xenolitic Gas rich chondrite, in pristine state of conservation.
regmaglypts, fusion crust of course and flow lines .

The new individual is 2947 g see: www.caillou-noir.com/Djermaia.html

I have sliced off a end cut 95 g and showed it at MNHN in Paris where is
stored the type Specimen of this fall. Michèle Bourot Denise has examined
carfully my end cut and the Djermaia specimen: she is formal about the new
individual I have ( for sale ) it is a new Djermaia Fall stone. She asked me
to make a declaration with her comments at the Nom Com, what I did today.

The Djermaia Fall declared TKW is 1 kg but Bob Haag has a 3.7 kg stone of
Djermaia according his catalog.

I have left a 2835 g individual for sale. With TKW estimated below 8 kg and
prices according what I ready on the list: I may expect offers above $ 7 per

If anyone is tented, I will consider them, I am entitled to sell this
meteorite by its owner, Michel Husson.

Best regards.

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