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Date: Thu Apr 22 10:32:49 2004
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Hello All,

Yesterday I received a small individual of Amgala from the Hupes that was probably an individual broken in half. While most of the piece has a beautiful black crust, the broken face was quite oxidized, so I decided to cut that end off today to see the inside. As stated by Mike and Adam, Amgala is a nice breccia with lots of metal. To me it looks a lot like a fresh piece of Zag with it's lightened H6 areas in contrast with the darker veined H4 +/- areas. The darker areas have that same blueish grey look to it as Zag does with lighter chunks and chondrules mixed in. Is Amgala a water bearing meteorite too? The metal I've seen in Zag is more homogeneous, while the piece of Amgala I have has more patches of metal in it, especially in the lighter H6 like parts. Amgala's crust is little better than the nicer pieces of Zag I have.

The amazing thing to me is that they fell in the exact same region of Africa... and look very similar...IMHO.

All in all Amgala is very nice, but I can see this meteorite eventually falling into the $5 to $7 range like most other falls these days...except Park Forest that is. The present pricing of $8 to 12/g seems too high to me...but then again I bought a piece for $10/g while it is still new to us all. :)

Reporting in on Amgala,


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