[meteorite-list] OT, Ebay sucks 2, sorry!

From: Roman Nakonechny <uraninut239__at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:32:48 2004
Message-ID: <Law9-F71eUzmRf6Ci6n0000790e_at_hotmail.com>

Whoa There Mr. Untouchable,
                                   You are not an (IMCA) member?. Since
when? Can someone please tell me what I'm obviously not understanding here?
Why are non-members alowed to disrupt what would normally be an enjoyable
electronic conversation amongst friends from the list
  . Mike , Tell me why you are allowed to post on this list at all . What
the hell kind of rules are we into now and what event changed them. I've
been wondering how Matteo was getting on and now on the other side of the
atlantic , another little devil is sneaking around stirring up crap with
Tom, an you're not even a member. As far as I'm concerned you aint got no
right to threaten people accross International time zones and you will find
yourself incarcerrated one day Mike. Take and heed my word. If he know's
where you're at and you're on his turf, Italia- you are " bad word - bad
word".If any list board members get this e-mail , please make it a short
explanation of how a non-member is allowed to post on "OUR LIST" . Is he
going to pay dues too, but that's besides the point really. It isn't right.
Has this been going on from the start or something new. T H A N K Y O U
Roman Nakonechny (IMCA # 0583
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~* >MACH15

>From: "Michael Farmer" <meteoritehunter_at_comcast.net>
>To: "Tom aka James Knudson"
>Subject: Re: [meteorite-list] OT, Ebay sucks 2, sorry!
>Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2004 13:06:28 -0700
>Tom, for god's sake, you can choose to hide your feedback. Even a retarded
>monkey can figure out that someone using a hidden feedback must have some
>problems, and if they then choose to risk buying from that person, well,
>buyer beware.
>Can we please drop this garbage ebay crap. It is not my problem to read all
>day about things that anyone with the common sense of a rat turd can figure
>out on their own.
>If you hate ebay so much, DONT use it.
>This is exactly why I am not an IMCA member.
>Mike Farmer
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>From: "Tom aka James Knudson" <knudson911_at_frontiernet.net>
>To: <meteorite-list_at_meteoritecentral.com>
>Sent: Wednesday, March 10, 2004 1:02 PM
>Subject: [meteorite-list] OT, Ebay sucks 2, sorry!
> > Hello List, I recieved a phone call while typing that last message, I
> > not type and talk at the same time! : ( Ebay says the feedback is there
> > protect the people using ebay, right? If ebay allows you to hide the
> > comments left about you, does that not defeat the feedback's purpose? I
> > you can see the numbers, but numbers do not tell you what the problem
> > why do they let bad people protect themselves?
> > Thanks, Tom
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