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Date: Thu Apr 22 10:32:48 2004
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Ron et. al.

     Hello, although I am undecided about the cause of Tunguska, one other
theory which, though bizarre, has not received as much publicity as some of
the others. In his book "The Hunt For Zero Point, Nick Cook states that in
an attempt to send a message to Robert Peary on his way to the North Pole,
Nikola Tesla sent a powerful beam of energy from his transmitting site on
Long Island. Coincidentally this attempt at an atmospheric message occurred
at the same time as the Tunguska Event. Tesla himself, believed he was
responsible for the event and immediately disassembled his apparatus.
     As I mentioned initially, it is a rather bizarre theory, but the lack
of impact fragments (which could also support the comet theory) and the fact
that the CIA has not declassified all of Tesla's papers makes it's
consideration as a theory at least as plausible as some others which receive

George Blahun Jr.
Quaker Hill, CT
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