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> Well, I better wait until the real name is revealed! :-)

Hello Anita, Moni, and List,

a) William Thomson who later became "Lord Kelvin" lived
from 1824-1907. He can't be the one who first discovered
what is now commonly called the Widmannstaetten pattern.

b) William G. Thomson =3D> 1761-1806. He is the one that
Kevin is talking about in his wonderful article "A Rose by
Any Other Name"

c) The "p" on Thomson is probably a misspelling that you find
both in O.R. Norton's "Encyclopedia of Meteorites" (p. 184)
and in its predecessor "Rocks From Space" (p. 222).

You also find this spelling in V.F. Buchwald's volumes on
iron meteorites (p.115), but the spelling is correct in R. W.
B=FChler's "Meteorite" (p. 141), in J.G. Burke's "Cosmic Debris"
(p. 429, Name Index), and in D.W. Sears' "Nature and Origin
of Meteorites" (p. 7).

Kevin will surely clear this up when he is back from Costa Rica
where he is "out of touch until April 2".

Hope this helps,



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