[meteorite-list] Reading Comprehension 101 re: Norton

From: Kerns, John Space Systems <John.Kerns_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:32:47 2004
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Come on people, why don't you try reading the entire post before making

The initial post was not really attacking Norton or his book, but was
directed at some person who made a blanket statement and accusation about
the original poster being lazy and not doing his homework. If you had read
the last paragraph, you would have figured this out.

Now you could ask why the original post was made to the list, but that is a
different issue.

John Kerns

Dear List,
Wasn't someone leaving the list after some whiny story? And then they
came back, and back again, now they want to crucify one of the most
amazing persons in the meteorite world.
I say sets burn someone else.... like the one who won't stay away.
Stupid is as stupid does.

(who is keeping his Rocks From Space books as they area signed and
highly cherished treasures!)
Hello list, I always thought the world of O. Richard Norton, I just thought
he was the greatest meteorite guy around. I have both of his books and
thought I was learning a lot from them. Well I was informed by an (unnamed)
prominent list member that the books are incorrect so I have no further use
for them, so I am giving them away!

You see, I was discussing science with this member and I said;

" I do not understand scientists and their way of thinking, (I am no
scientist) and I do not know if they would do something out of laziness,
just like I don't know why they needed 900 lbs of the Old Woman meteorite
for study......."

And I was told by this list member;

"They didn't need 900 lbs of the Old Woman for study...why don't you get
that story straight too. It appears you are the lazy one - get on the
internet and do some of your own research...you don't have to be a
scientist to do that!"

Well Richard Norton said on page 254 in "Rocks from Space"

"Smithsonian researchers removed a piece of the meteorite (about 15% of it's
bulk) for study" (15% of 3 tons = 900 pounds). Richard Norton even has a
picture on that page of the 900 pound end piece right after the Smithsonian
cut it!

 So in conclusion, Richard Norton must have been lazy and did not do any
research before writing these books! My suggestion, A big Norton book
burning, the books are wrong and if you quote them, you will get nasty
emails too!

Actually, I still think the world of Richard Norton, I just wish the list
member who said this to me would get his facts strait before sending nasty
emails! And I will keep my books after all! : )

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