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From: Notkin <geoking_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:32:47 2004
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Dear Listees:

My previous post came through with HTML tags included, for some
reason. Sorry about that. Am re-sending.


Tom posted:

> "So in conclusion, Richard Norton must have been lazy and did not
>do any research before writing these books! My suggestion, A big
>Norton book burning, the books are wrong and if you quote them, you
>will get nasty emails too!"

Tom, I don't understand your post.

First you quote some harsh (and almost certainly false) criticisms
about Richard Norton's work, and then go on to say you don't agree
with them, and are going to keep Richard's books after all. Do you
realize that your comments go into the Meteorite List archives
permanently, where anyone can read them? What is your purpose in
posting this material? I doubt it's news to anyone that there is
occasionally an incorrect or apocryphal piece of information even in
the best-researched book, and that widely-accepted facts can
sometimes later be shown to be inaccurate (look at the debate
regarding the authenticity of the "Nakhla dog."

Richard and Dorothy Norton are among the most well-liked and
respected people in the meteorite field, so why would you want to
post comments like these -- whether you said them or not? Many
collectors became part of the meteorite collecting world specifically
because of the Nortons' book "Rocks from Space"; In addition,
Richard's articles are widely and regularly published; Dorothy and
Richard are both Harvey Award winners; and many List members
(including myself) regard them as friends.

I don't understand why you would send a post to the M-List with
"Norton book burning" in the title. Please explain.

Geoff N.
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